Shops that sell nitrous oxide

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Keep Westword Free. Got gas? It's not just for dental patients anymore. Quasi-legal and relatively harmless, recreational doses of nitrous oxide are widely available hereabouts in the form of "whippits.

Shops that sell nitrous oxide

But the price of nitrous in Denver is no laughing matter. At those prices, just say N There's a bigger selection of novelties next door, but the pickin's are pretty good here, too. The rest, as they say, is up to you. Just whippit good.

Now you can wear your heart on your sleeve and your flag on your biceps -- and have something more than a permanent blemish to show for it. Last October, in the wake of September 11, the epidermis etchers at Dark Millennia Studios instigated this offer, though word from the Millennial staff is that there wasn't much of a response.

Shops that sell nitrous oxide

The offer still stands, just like the good old American spirit: Declare your love for your nation in permanent ink, and 10 percent of the fee will go to the Red Cross or United Way in your name. Broadway, Englewood, Map www. Most of the customers who frequent the Diamond Cabaret have one thing on their mind -- and it isn't shopping.

The palatial skin palace boasts some of the most beautiful topless dancers in town, a quality that attracts a largely male clientele. But the club also offers a diversion for female patrons who don't fancy a lap dance: Its clothing boutique is filled with high-end women's lingerie, clothing and accessories, with a stylistic emphasis on fashions most suited to the boudoir Let the Diamond Cabaret help you get in touch with your inner showgirl.

The room decor inside Mon Chalet comes from the Hollywood Porno Playground school of interior de. Neon accents, water-column lights, mirrored ceilings and walls, and giant whirlpool baths are standard features in Mon Chalet's ten deluxe and semi-deluxe suites, as are king-sized beds, whether standard or octagon-shaped, firm mattress or waterbed.

Optional room features include climate-control chambers programmable sun, steam, warm breeze and rainand specialty furnishings, including the "Love Machine," which the motel's Web site www. Mon Chalet also offers four-hour quickie "matinee rates," from noon to four p. Get on up. Fancy a shag rug? How about a '50s dinette set, an authentic lava lamp or a vintage flapper dress? Mod Living crams all of the above, and much more, into its understated space on East Colfax; it's a veritable museum of affordable art and furnishings for the nostalgia-minded decorator.

Shops that sell nitrous oxide

Ranging from classic to kitschy, the tastefully cluttered store's wares are both practical and just plain fun. Did you know that Queen Victoria had quite an impressive collection of Chinese snuff boxes? The friendly and resourceful owners of Decorables do, and they'll be happy to tell you all about it as you browse the elegant and eclectic aisles of this airy antiques gallery, which makes its home in a former East Colfax bank. And while Decorables' own display of snuff stuff doesn't quite rival that of the British Empire, the shop's cross-cultural collections -- from marble Buddha statues to Hummel figurines -- are regal in their own right.

Unpretentious and accessible, Decorables is a find. Colfax Ave. Antique Row is charming, as are many of the eclectic boutiques and specialty stores that line commercial stretches along South Broadway. But the thrill of pawing through miscellaneous merchandise is often tempered by the reality of sticker shock -- something that convinces many of us to browse rather than buy. Not so at ARC, where the price is always right and the goods are always pleasantly unpredictable.

With weekly specials and perennial bargains on used clothing, housewares, books and furniture, the large store is a haven for those who appreciate a good deal, as well as a fun alternative for frugal treasure hounds. Thrift is a virtue -- and so are community-spirited stores like ARC. It's fun trying to stump the sales staff in Peppercorn's kitchen department, but no matter what you ask for -- a kitchen scale, grilling equipment for summer, pastry bags, woks, an ice-cream maker, pots and pans, toasters, KitchenAids or shells for your coquilles St.

Jacques, chances are they'll have it. They also have shelves and shelves of prepared foods that make for great gift baskets, including English teas and marmalades, German marzipan, Italian olive oils, Belgian chocolates and gourmet coffees. There's lots of bright everyday crockery, as well as a long wall filled with every current cookbook you've heard of -- and lo that you haven't.

And that's just on the ground floor.

Shops that sell nitrous oxide

Upstairs you'll find exquisite modern china, linens and gorgeous crystal glasses. Diamond Lil's is a porn shop and proud of it -- as evidenced by the enthusiastic lighted that invites the curious and carnal-minded alike inside. Located in a historic building that began as Kopper's Hotel and Saloon inDiamond Lil's happens to be the only remaining porn shop downtown -- but it's gone above and beyond the call of duty with its excellent restoration work.

And while the merchandise is of the traditional sex-toys-and-videos variety, the store's live-performance gallery sets Diamond Lil's apart as a true rarity, as well as a throwback to the era of voyeuristic antiquity. Through the looking glass, you can openly gawk as Lil's adult "dancers" writhe and wriggle for your viewing pleasure.

Some might say Lil's itself is a historic treasure. Clear Channel Entertainment. Yosemite St. Berger Brewing Co. Stewart Post No. Best Of

Shops that sell nitrous oxide

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Vape shop tells staff it will stop selling nitrous oxide in all its stores