Sad love songs 90s

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Sometimes you need a good cry and listening to a song that allows you to get all your sad feelings out is a cathartic experience — especially when you were in your formative, adolescent years. If you grew up in the '90s, your CD player was your best friend when it came to times of profound and not-so-profound sadness. For moments when you needed to recover from being rejected at the middle school dance, you most likely cried listening to '90s songs. Whether you were experiencing your first superficial heartbreak or had an experience that legitimately impacted you for years, these '90s songs were there for you when you needed a good cry.

While some of these songs from the s make you cry now mainly because of how embarrassing it is that you once cried to them, others have the ability to make you legitimately tear up today. That's the beauty of being able to look back — you can recognize that some of these songs just epitomized the melodramatic feelings of your youth while other songs have managed to stand the test of time and continue to bring out genuine emotions in you.

So take a trip down memory lane and listen to these 21 songs that made you cry in the '90s and see which ones still make you emotional — and not just because you're lamenting the loss of your Discman from all those years ago. Just like Jewel's man was tearing her apart, "Foolish Games" tore you apart and maybe still does. I recommend listening to both the radio version and the album version off of Pieces of You for the full emotional impact.

Long distance takes its tolls on relationships.

Sad love songs 90s

This song seemed so deep to me at the time, but now I realize just how truly '90s melodramatic it really is. Ben Folds and his band proved that you only need four minutes and 30 seconds to completely emotionally devastate people with this song about his girlfriend getting an abortion when they were younger. This song still packs a punch today. This song is about being only a booty call when the term "booty call" didn't even exist.

While you might have missed the message of this adult contemporary song if you were a kid in the early '90s, you surely recognized its crushing power before the decade was through. When they sing, "Don't you know my tears will burn the pillow," you became all cried out too. While you might not know the exact story The Verve Pipe is telling in this song"guilt-stricken, sobbin' with his head on the floor" is about where you were if you listened to "The Freshmen" on repeat in the '90s. Sinead O'Connor's raw earestness may not be for everyone, but this is the stuff I live for.

When "Nothing Compares 2 U" comes on, cease all other activities and commence ugly crying — in the '90s and today. While your older brother may not have told you the song was actually about a musician who had overdosed Jonathan Melvoin of the Smashing Pumpkins like my brother did, you still had gotten emotional to McLachlan's sad-sounding song since no context is required.

If you were born in the '80s or '90s, you might have known Clapton less for his rock days intially and more for this devastating song about his child's death that received a lot of radio play. If you didn't shed a tear at least once while listening to this song in the '90s, then you're as ice cold as Jack Dawson's grip. Sure, it might be a little too on the nose, but that doesn't mean that Michael Stipe didn't affect you at least once in the '90s when he sang about everybody hurting Even if you hadn't experienced losing your "first love" or "true love" yet, Britney Spears' song off her first album had you crying like you had.

You may have also weeped because you wanted to look as good as she did in a bucket hat guilty as charged. Although this song's message is actually sweet, it made you cry yearning for the day when you'd have someone who loved you as much as AllOne loved the subject of "I Swear.

Sad love songs 90s

Although this is originally Leonard Cohen's song, Jeff Buckley's cover is one of the most memorable. Perhaps you weren't cool enough to know it as a kid back in the day, but it definitely has made you cry since then. The song that was made most famous by Roberta Flack before Lauryn Hill updated it in the '90s killed you softly too.

This a cappella remake of this '70s song might be often used as a joke now, but don't even pretend its sincerity didn't affect you in the '90s. Now that you've been crying to '90s songs, perhaps you should listen to the happiest songs of the decade to complete your emotional rollercoaster.

After all, many of the artists on this list were there for you in times of happiness too. By Caitlin Gallagher. Atlantic Records on YouTube. Nick Macchiavelli on YouTube.

Sad love songs 90s

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Sad love songs 90s

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