Pictures of gorgeous guys

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Because men love to look as good as, if not better than, the women they are being photographed with.

Pictures of gorgeous guys

This is especially so if those pictures are to go on places like Tinder, where just one photo can be a hit or miss for potential partners. So what is it that makes photo good or bad, especially for guys? If at all possible, move your torso 20 degrees away from your feet because it will give added dimension to your physique. Guys are guilty of crouching too, so whenever it comes to group photos, absolutely avoid crouching.

Pictures of gorgeous guys

It does you no good. If possible, stand somewhere in the middle of the group for the photo so that the center of attention is you, literally. If there is no room in the camera to accommodate another guy standing, then sit down cross legged like a yoga posture, or sit on the floor with one knee up. Remember this when working on how to look good in pictures, guys. More often than not, it makes men look awkward and portrays them in a poor light instead of making them appear more macho.

And yes, even wines and champagnes are included in the no-drink rule. Your background should not take away from the focus of the image, which is you. For example, there is no point in wearing all black and then taking a photograph in front of a tree, where the tree appears to be sprouting from your head.

Simple backgrounds are the best. And please, no photos in the bathroom. Make sure you do something with them. This brings us to our next point on how to look good in pictures, guys. Just, no. But know that it will make you appear more kind and soft than manly.

So why not make use of this? Avoid colors like black, grey, deep blues and browns. Instead, opt for lighter blues, greens, yellows and even pinks. If you feel too awkward wearing such bright colors, then make sure there is at least one thing near you which brings enough color in your picture. Otherwise you appear sloppy and unprofessional.

And do so in front of a mirror. You need to know how much of a smile makes you handsome and how much of it makes you look like the next Joker from Batman. You need to look warm and approachable, not scary. Go through your bad photos and see what you did wrong. Take lots of selfies if necessary to perfect your smile. Sometimes, the best shots taken are candid.

They make the photo appear more authentic and thus, the motions more genuine.

Pictures of gorgeous guys

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Pictures of gorgeous guys

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