Personal preference couples night

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Sunday, August 2, Flash Report! Doc here, a man who some say get further with a kind word and a Bloody Mary than a kind word alone, with a Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Oral Reporter. There was also news on a second Personal Preference location in Florida that is also discussed in the report. The ABS is moderate sized and has a good selection of everything from DVD, magazines, toys, and sexy outfits for the ladies. I entered the theaters and found each theater had about 6 or 7 occupants in each one, both were playing heterosexual movies, but there was quite a bit of guy on guy action going on in each of the theaters.

At PM they told everyone to move over to the other theater so the clerk could clean up the theater for the couples. At 8PM sharp I noticed the first couple come in, then the couples started coming in on a regular basis.

Personal preference couples night

I asked the owner Vince how many couples came in last night Saturday and he told me he had 13 couples during the couples only time. During that time two couples came into the regular theater that was packed with single guys. Once they started playing, the swarm moved in on them. There were probably 25 to 30 guys crammed in to the regular theater, so it was a little crowded. The first couple in the regular theater was on one of the couches there are 6 couches in each theater, and they are in good shape She stripped down and started stroking the cocks that were around her.

Her guy asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted cum all over her. He said she is a cum dump so cover her guys. I was directly behind her and said so you want a load on your face, she said yes I want it all over me. She tilted here face back towards me so I could jerk off on her face, which I did, so I was first with her. Then another couple came into the regular theater. The second couple sat in the last row of couches, she started right off by jacking off a guy with each hand while giving a blow job to the guy standing in front of her.

I was lucky enough to get a warm soft hand jacking me off and her nice soft smooth mouth sucking me off. There was one guy there getting sucked off, an older gentleman he said he was quick, she jokingly said " I'm Patty. Patty not only gave each guy a great blow job or a great hand job she did fuck a few guys bare backshe also said thank you to each guy she serviced, and of course they thanked her also.

Personal preference couples night

This was not her first rodeo, and was not scared off by the swarm of guys. She stayed until sometime after I left which was at 1AM. At about midnight the couples only theater opened up to the guys, there were two couples still in there. The flood gates opened up and about 12 guys came in to see what was left to play with hopefully. I was the first one into the couples only section and the two couples were not playing at all. I sat across from one couple and started stroking my tool. The other guys sat in different locations around the theater and pretty much everyone was stroking their tools.

About 10 minutes later one of the couples left she was a very thin long legged lady. She had long hair and looked great. Wish they would have stayed and played with the guys or at least with themselves. The second couple who was sitting in the back row couch stayed for about 30 or 40 minutes.

They watched the XXX video playing, but no action between the two of them. This same couple came into the singles theater earlier and watched the action going on with the two BBW ladies servicing everyone, with either blow jobs or fucking. Even then they did no playing while watching. Once they left the couples only section and departed, there were no other couples other than the two in the regular theater still taking on all cummers. Then Patty walked into the old couples only theater, stark naked.

She commented on how much cooler it was in there, but then went back into the guys theater and continue to fuck and suck anyone who walked up to her. Her husband just sat on the couch and watched her enjoy her self This is a great theater, but I just wish they were both a little larger. One new couple came in just as I was getting ready to go it is always free for the couples. They headed into the theater that the two BBW ladies were still entertaining the crowd of guys, looked around and then headed back to the couples only theater.

It was pretty crowded and there was only one couch available he walked up to the couch and she apparently did not like the of guys to couples, them being the only couple and she waved at her guy that she was not coming to the couch. She turned around and headed to the door.

Personal preference couples night

He followed and they left there was one older guy walking around both theaters with his dick out stroking it and he had a large piercing, that may have helped scare her away. That is the only bad thing about couples being free, is they have nothing invested and sometimes leave right away. She was a slender lady of probably late 20s, and I saw one tattoo on her arm and she was dressed to play.

Sure wish they would have stayed and at least played with each other for a good show. I've seen groups of men that are respectful of a couples space, and groups of men who are not respectful of a couples space. These guys are more like the group of guys pushing and shoving to get in as close as possible. So for the newer ladies, unless you like being groped and having cocks basically shoved in your face, this may not be the place for you. If you are a seasoned veteran of this thing of ours, then this is the place to get all the hard cock you want.

Not sure how active the couple only section is during the hours listed as a couples only time was or is, since I was a single person and could not see what was going on in there.

Personal preference couples night

I'm sure there is some interaction between the couples, and of course the couples playing with themselves. Probably some girl on girl action going on also. I need to find a lady to accompany me next time I attend this theater.

Doc, I would say this is one of the more active theaters I have been in in a long time. The clerks are great to talk to ,and the owner is really nice and seems to enjoy his business. He was in the theater guys only section watching the action going on with Patty and the other BBW lady.

Personal preference couples night

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Personal preference couples night

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