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It's a tough market out there for hospitals and practices looking for physicians - especially primary care practices. Doctors have their choices of plum jobs, and that makes finding the right candidate for your practice even more difficult. Louis, a nationally known physician recruiting firm. Practices that don't have a strategic plan start one step behind, he says.

Not only will having a plan help your practice to be more successful, but it gives you a better understanding of your market, your competition, and what you will have to offer a candidate to get him or her in the door. And Cornett adds, you can be sure that a savvy doctor will want to know where your practice is headed. You have to know if you are growing or not.

And do you really need a physician, or would a mid-level professional do the trick? Don't hire as a knee-jerk reaction. Make sure you identify and justify your need. Part of knowing why you are looking for a physician involves defining the position, says Kathy Greenwaltphysician recruiter at Guthrie Clinic in Sayre, PA.

She has overseen a physician increase in her physician practice over the last three years. If it is family practice, do you want the person to do obstetrics or not? What is the call schedule going to be? If you can't answer these questions, then you won't succeed in your search. You have to sit down and ascertain what kind of experience and personality traits you want in an ideal candidate, Cornett says. Others are very aggressive Type A practices that work 60 or 70 hours a week.

Greenwalt says you should talk your physicians through what they want out of the new hire. Is there any circumstance in which they would accept non-board certified? In the competitive market for physicians, you have to know not only what national compensation trends are but also what local trends are. Local information will take more research. Cornett says you should also be aware that for some specialities, you will have to compete for candidates on a national level. This can be a simple letter outlining salary and benefits, says Cornett, or it can be a 30 document.

Typically, this includes information on the pay for the first year or two, what the bonus program is, when they will be eligible for partnership, what the benefits are, information on malpractice, any administrative conditions for licensure and maintaining privileges at local hospitals, and conditions for termination. Cornett says that all of the key players - usually the physician partnership but sometimes also the top administrative staff - should be in favor of the search.

A really good group will also seek input from other people in the practice, Cornett says, such as the nursing staff. But you might make that up with a shorter partnership track. Or, you might offer a more lucrative bonus structure than otherwise. Whatever you do, don't hide the weaknesses, says Greenwalt. She often had to struggle to find candidates for her rural practice. You can emphasize the good things and make things like a rural setting more appealing, but you don't want to lie to them. If you do, they won't stay. Cornett says this means having a clear time frame for starting and finishing a search.

It takes three to four months to get things like the settled.

Looking for a simple ms right

Spread the responsibility around among three or four people who will form a recruiting committee. It is particularly important that you find someone with good sales skills to be on the committee, Cornett advises. This isn't surgery. They don't need a surgery disclaimer. You want the candidates to come in with their eyes open to the realities of your firm, but their is a way to be honest and still direct them toward saying yes, he adds.

They spend their days looking for stuff that is out of whack. They bring that negative mindset to search processes and to candidates. They have to learn to accept the best that is out there. Jones today, and [your meeting with] Dr. Smith is three weeks away, Smith may look good on paper and sound good on the phone. But Smith is interviewing elsewhere in all likelihood. And Smith may come, and you may think, 'Yuk, he isn't as good as Jones in person. The biggest mistake you can make in a search, says Greenwalt, is not get enough information from the physicians in your practice about what they want.

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Looking for a simple ms right

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Looking for a simple ms right

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Looking for a simple ms right

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