How to not waste your time

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An hour later, you are still browsing. To make that worse, you even know that those activities are useless and a waste of time. Yet, you cannot help yourself. Instead of fighting the urge, we will use the approach of eliminating the temptation itself. This article will cover:. I had the same habit. I would read something random on the internet, check social media feed, or glance through my text messages every time I completed a task. The time I spent would vary. Sometimes I wasted only 2 minutes and at times 2 hours. I would find myself wasting time on things I knew were useless.

To make it worse, I even wasted time when I knew I had important work to do.

How to not waste your time

Over time, by flipping through the s of a bazillion books, trying hundreds of experiments and wasting more time to find ways to save time, here are the ways which helped me stop wasting time. Maybe they will help you too. Please note: When it comes to wasting time, there is no one fit for all. Each person has a different way of wasting time. So some of these tips might work for you and some may not.

If you can relate to a problem and believe the solution might help, try implementing it for a few days or weeks to check for the. Jordan Peterson explains the reason why you waste time. You can watch this video if you would like to understand the science behind procrastination. The smartphone is a device of distraction. We love to hear our phone ding or buzz.

Checking our notification helps us feel good due to a shot of dopamine. The text usually is the bank providing a personal loan or an offer from the supermarket that you would never avail. As human beings, resisting the urge to check our text messages is not an easy battle to win against ourselves. The problem does not lie in the simple check of a message.

Once we open the phone, you not only read the text message but also look at your other notifications.

How to not waste your time

You notice that someone liked your Instagram photo and boom, you spend another 20 minutes scrolling through the news feed. The social media apps have learned the trick to hold your attention for long hours. As a victim, you end up interrupted while studying, working, or doing anything important.

Other than those 3 hours, my phone lies on DND for 21 hours a day. This change has saved me from wasting cartlo of time. A few years earlier if anyone told me to use DND for 21 hours a day, I would have laughed at the idea. You think your circumstances will not let you use DND for most of the day, but trust me, you can.

How to not waste your time

If you implement only one tip from this list, this gotta be the one. Try putting your phone on DND for one day and see the difference yourself.

How to not waste your time

Do not dismiss this idea until you try it once. I had all the social media apps on my phone such as Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, and whatnot. An app makes the usage simpler and user-friendly. On the other side, apps create an addiction because they can send you notifications while websites cannot. Most of these apps also have a website. For example, you can use Facebook as an app or as a website on the browser by using www. The same goes for Youtube, Quora, and Instagram. Using the website takes a little extra effort compared to using an app. For example, the website requires you to open a browser, type the website and then wait for a couple of seconds.

Apps do all this within a blink of the eye. As human beings, we do not like spending extra effort. The extra effort needed for the website helps in overcoming the urge in itself. Work within time slots when possible. For example, you can set the first 1 hour of your day to learn and improve in your area of expertise.

Next 1 hour to work on any tasks related to your long term goals. You can spend the third-hour checking s and so on. When you work in time slots like these, you make better overall progress. If not, you may wander from one task to another, without a clear direction. One task may extend while another might cut short. As a result, you bounce from one task to another like a balloon drifting due to a strong breeze. If you are a small business owner, you must strongly consider this tip to avoid your time getting pulled in all directions.

Detailed guide: How to use time blocks to schedule your day. Most of the social networks today work on Machine Learning. Based on your usage, social media knows exactly what you like and dislike. If I opened Youtube, few of these videos would show right on my face. I would succumb to the temptation like a dog offered a meaty bone and click on one of them. Youtube even knows what videos do you like watching based on the time of the day.

If I opened the app in the morning, it would recommend various book summaries. In the evening, I was presented with different funny videos. Damn Youtube, you know how to hold our attention. When you logout, Youtube has no idea who you are or what you like.

Try opening an incognito browser window and check what videos show up. I doubt you will like the videos shown there as much. Besides, logging out each time and logging in again turns into an extra effort. As mentioned in the tip, any extra effort le to less temptation. If I reached work byI would decide to start at To spend those 10 minutes, I would check some random group messages.

One of the messages would lead me to a Youtube video. After watching that video, I would continue watching the recommended videos. AtI would be halfway through the video. But because the video was so funny, I would not stop between the video. I would proceed to watch until the video comes to an end at Now that I crossed my best time to start, I would postpone my work to begin at You know the rest of the story.

The vicious cycle never ends. Do not wait for the clock to strike the exact 30 minute or hour like10, The first best time to begin was in the past, the next best time is right now. Related article: How to improve your time management skills. The more you stay around people and scenarios which lead to small talk, useless conversations and random gossip, the more you will end up wasting time. People will speak loudly, crack jokes, answer calls on their phone, drop a bottle, ask you unnecessary questions and more.

As much as possible stay away from an environment that facilitates distractions. You do not have to isolate yourself from the rest of the world like a prisoner in an isolated cell. But whenever possible stay away from the commotion. Using empty rooms when available prevents you from being accessible. Using an earphone even without any music blocks people from bothering you for no reason. You can also cultivate a habit of asking people to not disturb you for a certain like 9 AM to AM every day.

Every workplace, job role, and culture has a different working style. Do what you can to reduce scenarios that lead to distractions. Working among distractions is like many people talking at the same time in a meeting. Nothing good comes out of it. Detailed Guide: How to reduce distractions and increase focus.

Whenever I finished a task, I felt I deserved a break. The problem was not in the of breaks I took. The problem was how long the break went for. Sometimes I would complete a task in 30 minutes, convince myself I deserved a 5-minute break before I moved to the next task. The 5-minute break would turn into a minute break. Many a time I have taken more than a minute break for completing a task of 30 min. Set a time to end your break. If you decided to take a minute break, the break ends in 10 minutes. Even if you are catching up with your gorgeous new colleague, the break should end in 10 minutes.

Detailed guide: How to plan your day for productivity. I had a bad habit of leaving my browser window open with many tabs. I would also have multiple browser windows open, each with over 10 tabs. On average, I had 20 tabs open with different websites. Some were websites I opened a couple of days back. I did not need most of them, I was only lazy to close them.

How to not waste your time

Most of my work involves a browser. So, sooner or later, when I delved deep into work, some notification would show up on one of the tabs I had left open. For example 1 Facebook. I would click the tab to check what the notification was.

Even if the notification was a friend asking for a life on Candy Crush, I would end up wasting some more time on Facebook. The only browser tab or application that you should keep open is the one you are working on. Close the rest. Make it a habit to close the application or the browser once you finish the task.

Working on one task at a time help you prioritize the right tasks and knock them out the park. As per the rule, if you come across any task or a job that needs less than 2 minutes to complete, you should do it then and there without postponing it. Remembering the task later, recalling necessary areas and then doing it will take 5 or more minutes.

How to not waste your time

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How To Stop Wasting Time And Start Doing Awesome Work