Frequent date destinations

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Since Seoul is such a massive city, for an expat, it can be a challenge finding a romantic place to take their ificant other. Each team has its own unique chant and dance. A post shared by Jeong Jun Ho lonejay. You can kick back with a beer and help loosen the mood with your date by singing and dancing along to the songs. Letting yourself go and being silly with your date is a good way to break the ice. The loud cheers of the crowd whenever the Twins score will boost your adrenaline and get you even more excited to have a good date. Also, the stadium has multiple convenient stores that sell snacks, ice cream, energy drinks, small lunchboxes, etc.

To get to the stadium get off at Sports Complex Station Line 2. Atlantis is the most popular and the ride will blast you and your date over 70 feet into the air. Even the more family friendly rides are perfect for a date. Enjoy a relaxing swing on the carousel or take romantic pictures at the bridge leading into the park. On busy days, however, the lines for the more popular rides will exceed an hour. Use this down time to talk with your date and get closer to each other. There is also a cafeteria inside the park where patrons can dine at.

Frequent date destinations

However, schedules may vary depending on weekends and holidays. The closest subway station to the park will be Jamsil Station Line 2. Standing over feet, Namsan Tower was originally built as a transmission tower for radio and television stations. The main attractions include multiple viewing platforms, a digital observatory, and restaurants.

The digital observatory offers a stunning degree panoramic view of Seoul and LCD screens that document the storied history of the city. On the roof terrace, couples can write their names on locks and stick them onto a fence for all time. A post shared by 10 Magazine Korea 10mag. Not only is the tower one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seoul, many famous dramas have filmed scenes here. There are restaurants overlooking the city that offer a romantic course of wine and Italian food. After dinner, take your date to the Locks of Love fence and show your undying devotion by locking your names for all time.

Many couples schedule their anniversary dinners at Namsan. One of the more romantic restaurants would be N. Grill is open for lunch and dinner; their menus will vary depending on the time of day. To get to the top of the tower, there is a cable car and a hiking trail. The Namsan cable car is a minute walk from exit 3 of Myeongdong Station. The observatory is open until 11 PM on weekdays and 12 AM on weekends.

Located on top of the Daehan Cinema complex in Chungmoro, this visually pleasing garden is unknown even amongst Korean citizens. The garden is on the 8th floor of the Cinema and offers a beautiful view of the city, quaint coffee shop, roses, and bright lights. A post shared by CoppaMagz coppamagz. The view of the sunset hitting the top of the city mixed with the beautiful roses and lights are a perfect mood setter. You and your date will be left speechless as you bask in this peaceful garden.

I even went there late at night, when the garden was officially closed, and the peace and quiet of the garden were still captivating. The garden does not offer a full-service restaurant. There is only one cafe that serves a variety of drinks and small finger food.

For a full meal, head down to the lower levels of the building. Closing times are usually concurrent with the last movie of the day. The price of admission to the garden is free excluding movie tickets and coffee and the closest station will be Chungmoro Station Line 4. The Trick Eye Museum, located in the bustling party district of Hongdae, contains a gallery of 2-D artwork that gives off a 3-D illusion.

You and your date can interact with the artwork and take peculiar pictures guaranteed to have you bursting in laughter. The museum is divided into 4 sections: Trick Eye, AR, ice, and love. The artwork in the love section focuses on eroticism in art and there an array of sexually suggestive paintings and sculptures. You and your date can pose in ridiculous and borderline inappropriate situations and get a good laugh.

The pictures you take will be a great conversation starter during dinner and a way to break any possible sexual tension. Also, the museum has a virtual reality arcade. You and your date can either play together or one of you can watch, as the other makes a fool out of themselves. For more information on hot restaurants in Hongdae. The closest subway station from the museum will be Hongdae Station Line 2 exit 9. Located on the Han River and over 3, feet long, the bridge contains the Banpo Bridge Rainbow Fountain, which is the longest fountain in the world. At night, the fountain is lit up by LED lights and sprays water down into the river.

The fountain is deed to perform different shows depending on the time of day.

Frequent date destinations

Each light show is approximately 20 minutes in length. A post shared by peter po8orsky on Dec 27, at am PST. The breathtaking water shows provide you and your date a wonderful view — one that will have you relax for your picnic. Since the park also has many picnic locations, after viewing the water show, you can plan a romantic dinner along the river.

The last time I went to Banpo, I brought along a picnic mat, laptop, and beer. My date and I ordered some chicken and sat back and watched a movie on the laptop. It was the perfect combination of booze, food, and relaxation.

The Han River has a variety of food options; the most popular of which are ordering chicken or pizza. Near the subway station exits, there will be middle-aged Korean women handing out fliers for various delivery services.

Frequent date destinations

Keep in mind most of these street vendors will only take cash. The park also contains a playground, outdoor stage, soccer field, inline skating rink, observatory, basketball court, and picnic spots. Admission to the park is free, however, the light show schedule varies depending on the month and weather conditions.

The closest station to the park is Express Bus Terminal Line 3. The track has two grandstands known as Happy Ville and Lucky Ville. These stands can each hold over 35, people respectively. Ten to thirteen races are held every day, with night races included in the summer. The park also contains a kid-friendly theme park and lounges for adults to enjoy. After buying your tickets, you and your date can place a friendly wager on the outcome of any race. Maybe have the loser give the other a kiss or buy you dinner.

The park also features stables where you can visit the horses and pet them. When you head up to watch the race at one of the grandstands, vendors will sell ice cold refreshments and you can get as tipsy as you want while cheering on your horse. Prepare to hold your ears when the horses reach the M homestretch! The first floor of Happy Ville also offers a lounge called THE NOL Lounge, where you and your date can experience Korean street food, place small bets, and even take a tour of the park.

While the majority of food offered at the course will be beer and finger food, there are a few restaurants within the facilities. On the 5th floor of Lucky Ville, there is a lounge for foreigners where English speaking staff can accommodate your needs. The lounge provides free juice and soda, with beer available for purchasing.

Admission costs only 2, KRW on race days and is free on non-race days. Race times are subject to sunset and are usually from AM to 6 PM. Ihwa Mural Village is located near Mt. Inside the village, everything from the stairs to the buildings has murals painted on them.

Frequent date destinations

Sculptures line the road from the village to the local park and one will find plenty of intriguing art to take pictures with. This date location is perfect for any couple interested in urban art. While walking hand in hand through the streets, you and your date can stop to admire the many murals and sculptures produced by the most creative minds in Korea.

The pictures you take with your date here can make for some hot Instagram posts. Instead, you can indulge yourself at many of the small cafes that have sprung up in the village. The village is located near Hyehwa Station Line 4. Located in the affluent Samseong-dong neighborhood, the Co-Ex Mall is the biggest underground shopping mall in the entire world. The mall was recently renovated in and features five themed squares. It features a movie theater and aquarium and various stores that offer products from fashion, sports, beauty, etc.

Also, be sure to check out the recent 50, book library that was just opened! Not only can you enjoy a relaxing day of shopping in one of the most aesthetically pleasing malls in the world, but afterward, bring your date to watch a movie or visit the aquarium. The new 50, book library is a wonder to behold and you can spend hours with your date reading your books at a quaint cafe in the mall.

Sometimes, there will even be live music performances in the mall by established artists. If your date is a K-Pop fan, you can take them next door to the SM Town Atrium, where top entertainment company SM Entertainment has a cafe, museum, auditorium, photo studio, gift shop, etc.

Frequent date destinations

The mall features a typical food court with fast food chains like Burger King or Subway available. However, there are also many fancy restaurants that range from Italian to Thai food. Any major cuisine you can think of, the Co-Ex mall most likely provides. The mall is located right outside of Samseong Station Line 2 and is directly outside Exit 8. Hours of operation vary depending on the day; weekdays open from AM to PM. Originally an overpass, this bridge has become a park for tourists to enjoy.

The park is lush with plants that sprawl along the one-kilometer bridge. Seoullo is one of the newest tourist attractions in Seoul and was only opened in May of this year. Not only do you go on a romantic hike that overlooks the city of Seoul, but at the end of the hike, there are a plethora of restaurants and cafes that line the overpass. Sit back and enjoy a nice meal, while you two watch the bustling cars speed below. The overpass connects 7 areas of Seoul, which means that when you depart the overpass you can select from a variety of addresses for round 2.

Frequent date destinations

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