Denmark sex club

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All of us have tastes that are different. Our opinions of an experience can be swayed by a variety of factors apart from the place or the event: our own mood, the behavior of others, the weather, our whim. Our intention is to offer up a swingers club review based on our observations, experiences and years in the lifestyle.

Our very first Lifestyle club experience happened outside of the United States. Swingland is in Ishoj, Denmark, a short train ride from the city of Copenhagen. Candidly, we had been out of the lifestyle for a while when we decided to visit. As a result, that train ride was relatively quiet for both of us, as we dealt with a pretty strong case of nerves. In spite of their excellent websitewe really had no idea of what to expect, since we had never, ever, been to a swingers club anywhere.

We actually had contacted the club before our trip, asking about the best way to get there. Management responded with a friendly letter, complete with clear directions about the train to take and directions to give the cab driver once we arrived at the station. The trip was absolutely straightforward and we arrived at a fairly nondescript commercial building with no difficulty at all. Swingland is located in what seems to be a quiet area.

We had no concerns getting out of that cab once we arrived, and none when we left in the wee hours of the morning. The club is on the upper levels of some sort of commercial building, and the entryway and stairs were both clean, well-lit and in great shape. A friendly clerk greeted us, walked us through the check in process and then, literally, walked us through the club. As we moved through each area, he explained both the club rules most of which are consistent with lifestyle guidelines everywhere: no means no; no touching without asking; closed doors are to remain closed; etc.

Throughout the night he and the owners checked up on us regularly to make sure we were enjoying ourselves.

Denmark sex club

Additionally, they kept the place looking just as spotless as it was the moment we had walked in. The service was excellent in every way. The club is spotlessly clean and well maintained. No broken beds or missing parts here. This is the easiest statement we can make in this review: Swingland is by far the cleanest swingers club we have ever visited. Yes, that includes the clubs we have visited since then! After passing through the check in area, you step into the locker room. That seems to be sexy lingerie for women and boxer briefs for men. Additionally, guests are required to take a towel from the locker room and use them when sitting or lying on the furniture.

Locks are provided for you. Immediately beyond the locker room are two lounges, an enclosed one for smokers and an open one for the rest of us. This is a great place to meet people, chat, or just take a minute away from the play areas. Drinks are available nearby. Unlike most clubs. There is no dance floor at Swingland. As a result, the vibe is a little more quiet, with more emphasis on conversation before moving back to the play rooms. We were there on a slow night more about that laterand so the lounge setup was perfect.

Perhaps people just head straight to the playrooms, because those lounges would get very crowded, very quickly. Want to fuck in the woods on the hood of a car with an audience watching or participating? They have that.

Denmark sex club

More conventional space is available, too. Smaller private rooms, larger rooms for exhibitionists and voyeurs, a movie theater, gloryholes here and there, and a couples only room. The second floor is — potentially — a bit more intense. You get there by passing through a room with a very large round bed that hints at all sorts of orgy possibilities.

Nearby, there is a smaller room with a bed fitted with several points for restraint. In short, a wide variety of playrooms, from private, to public, to light-hearted to intense are all available here. No matter your fantasy, or your level of comfort in the lifestyle, you are sure to find something that you like.

If you want to see exactly what we got up to, you can read that here. Single men are allowed at Swingland, but our observation was that the men were very restrained. They were certainly available and willing, but they were not at all pushy. In fact, they were more than willing to keep a very respectable distance until they were certain that you were interested in more attention.

Apparently, we were there on one of the slowest Saturday nights they had seen in recent memory. This is a fairly large facility that could handle a decent crowd. But the night we were there, there may have been less than 20 people in the place. We saw two couples who clearly knew one another when they arrived and played exclusively, and fairly privately, with one another. Another couple gave a nice show on the aforementioned car and then slipped off into the night. Another couple preferred the open space of that large bed. Then there were a handful of guys and a lovely single lady.

And us. Those who were there were attractive and personable. It was much quieter than the American clubs we have visited. That makes for easy conversation, of course, but a lot of couples count on that dance floor to help them transition into sexier activities. This place has the feel of a family business. The staff was more than friendly. We felt that we had been invited by them and were enjoying the evening in their place as their guests. Yes, we paid to be there.

They were rendering a service to us. But you know the difference between adequate customer service and someone that is really concerned that you are enjoying yourself. From the initial tour, where our guide took great pains to ensure our comfort level and and answer our questions, to end of the evening where we were sent off as though we were friends who dropped by every week, we were well taken care of. The staff is visible and attentive. If the evening felt a little quiet to us, that may have also been a consequence of our own approach to the evening.

Denmark sex club

As we mentioned, we had been out of the game for a while, and have never been to a club. It should be clear. We like Swingland and if we lived in western Europe we would visit often. Should you ever find yourself in Denmark with a little free time, you would do well to check it out! Address. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Whether you call them swingers clubs or lifestyle clubs or something else we like visiting them!

Denmark sex club

So on these s we share our lifestyle club reviews. There are two caveats: First, our tastes may not be your tastes. You may be looking for something completely different. Keep that in mind as you read.

Denmark sex club

Second, we can only tell you what we experienced during our visit s. It is entirely possible that we were there on an unusually good — or bad — night.

Denmark sex club

We rank each of the following areas, then tally them up for a final score. First Impressions We actually had contacted the club before our trip, asking about the best way to get there. First impressions score: 9. Check in and Staff score: 10 Cleanliness and Maintenance The club is spotlessly clean and well maintained. Cleanliness and Maintenance score: 10 Front Area After passing through the check in area, you step into the locker room. The Front Lounge. The orgy bed. Our tour guide said he has seen more than 20 people here at once. Meet Swingers. Like this: Like Loading Name Address Website.

Lifestyle Club Reviews Whether you call them swingers clubs or lifestyle clubs or something else we like visiting them! First Impressions — The neighborhood, the outside appearance, and the ease of access Check-In and Staff — Everything that happens between the front door and the club itself. We also include our observations about those who work at the club and the level of service throughout the night.

Denmark sex club

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