Christian new year stories

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From her bedroom window, Rebecca eyed the children playing in the snow enviously. How she longed to play with them! At the time, Rebecca had responded by kissing her father on his cheek and assuring him that she would stay inside and read.

Christian new year stories

But now she was having second thoughts. It is beautiful outsideshe thought to herself. It was true: the sun was shining brilliantly. Why should she have to miss out on all the fun? She simply had to go the others! Leaving her book on the table, Rebecca slipped outside. She tried to tell herself she was having a good time, but all the while her heart felt uncomfortable. She kept looking this way and that, fearful least her father see her. After a few hours, Rebecca finally said her goodbyes and headed back towards the house. She wanted to be safely lodged in her room before her father came home.

Next thing she knew, she had fallen several stairs. A huge gash ran along the front of the picture. Normally, Rebecca would have hurried immediately to her father after such a fall so he could doctor her up and make her feel better. But not this time. How could she face her father right now? She had disobeyed him and ruined his favorite picture!

Biting her lips to keep from crying out, Rebecca grabbed the ruined picture and hobbled to her room. For the remainder of the day, she lay in agony. Her body ached from the bruises she received on her fall. But her heart—ah, that ached worse of all! She felt certain that her father would no longer love her. She had messed up in the past, but surely this time she had gone too far! He would probably never want to speak to her again. How could he still love her? She sobbed uncontrollably on her pillow. She had always been close to her father.

They had played and studied together. They had laughed and cried together. But not now. No, she felt certain that all those wonderful times were over. Who knows how long she would have lain thus had not her nanny come in to check on her. Tonight was no exception. But you must not continue in your wrongness by sitting here. You must go to your father with the broken picture in your hand and tell him everything. Her nanny sighed patiently.

Do you doubt his word? Do you really think his love is dependent on you? Doubt his word—that was an angle Rebecca had never thought of before.

Christian new year stories

So, still shaking and trembling with fear, Rebecca limped down the hall to the living room. She paused at the doorway. Her father was sitting in his favorite chair, just like he did every night. He looked up when she entered, and a smile radiating with love illuminated his face.

Come, sit here on my lap. I watched you go outside. I watched you fall and hit the picture frame. I saw it all. Her father shook his head. Rebecca could hardly believe her ears. Her father had planned to spend the afternoon with her…and she had missed it. Oh, what foolishness! Yet her father knew it all…and loved her anyway. Could it be? And I will always love you. Although sometimes your actions will result in consequences you could have avoided, nothing can ever separate you from my love.

As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are ed as sheep for the slaughter. Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. James looked up lethargically. His brother already had his snow bibs on and was energetically pulling boots over his feet.

For a brief moment, Eric felt tempted to complain about the cold too. How could he complain when his father was with them? Besides, he also remembered how much he and his brother had longed for the cool weather last summer.

He was going to enjoy the season! Between finishing their schoolwork and all their other spring activities, they could hardly find any time for play or relaxation. This hard work must be just what we need. Eric knew James was right. They had more things to do than they could ever hope to finish. Eric was only responsible for doing each task with a full heart. Now, instead of having too much to do, the boys seemed to have the opposite problem.

The inactivity, coupled with the summer heat, was taxing on the boys. Yet both chose drastically different responses. As he had in the past, James chose to complain. He longed for something— anything —exciting to happen. And he longed for a relief from the heat!

Eric, however, again chose to rejoice in the season. Although he, like James, felt the heat, he knew autumn would come soon enough, bringing cooler temperatures. And while he liked excitement just as much as his brother, Eric chose to use the quiet summer season to spend extra special time with his father. The more he sat there, the more confident he became that his father would give him just what he needed in each season of life.

He had only to trust and delight. For years, Deborah had lived the life of a pauper. Now her father stood before her, offering her what he had offered her every day of her life—to give her a new life with him. Deborah paused as she contemplated these points. It was true. Life could get very miserable out on the streets. Oh, no, that she could never do! She would much rather go on complaining, even while ignoring the solution to her complaints.

Christian new year stories

I tried a few months back to give up this life, remember? And the very first day I was back on the streets!

Christian new year stories

I would help you! You could come live with me. I would give you other things to do besides aimlessly roaming the streets in this fashion. We could have so much fun together! Oh, do come!

Christian new year stories

Deborah made no reply. She simply turned and walked down the street to continue her self-imposed miserable life. He slowly turned and walked away. He would come back again tomorrow.

Christian new year stories

Maybe then his daughter would be ready to accept his gift of love. General Bradford was definitely an unusual general. He was known far and wide for both his infinite patience and love as well as for His justice and wrath. His soldiers loved him dearly—and for good cause. His orders were always good, and he personally found a way to care for each of the soldiers who volunteered for his little band. His first task was to learn to march.

Fasten your eyes fifteen degrees above the horizon line. Keep your eyes focused above the horizon, and your ears tuned to my voice. The first time Michael actually had the opportunity to march, he lifted his knees up nearly to his chest each step in an effort to look like a good marcher. He desperately wanted to do a good job to please the general! He had allowed the thought of what others would think to distract him from really doing his job.

Michael tried again, this time not worrying about how he looked. Yet he had such a hard time keeping his eyes above the horizon! His eyes seemed to constantly wander to the things or people around him. Would he ever learn? Only after walking several paces in front of the rest of the troop did Michael finally hear the command. Keep your own eyes and ears attentive and let me take care of the others. Michael stepped back in line. He was beginning to realize that keeping focused would be a moment-by-moment battle. It was SO easy to get distracted! Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

Ashley turned the beautiful stone over and over again in her hand.

Christian new year stories

The thought that her father was giving her this priceless diamond seemed almost too much to comprehend. Love and cherish it, and keep it ever in your thoughts.

Christian new year stories

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