Black female stripping

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Teauryajya DuBenion, 29, started her stripping career in Los Angeles with the encouragement of some friends.

Black female stripping

Now, over two years andfollowers later, Ms. DuBenion is part of a growing community of strippers on TikTok who post under the hashtag Striptok. Instead of gathering around a water cooler, they have built an online network to exchange professional advice, safety tips and good old-fashioned strip club gossip. DuBenion recently made a viral TikTok advising dancers on how to strip while menstruating.

The video had almost half a million views, and the comment section was a chorus of women doling out feminine hygiene tips. DuBenion said. She believes that many of her female followers who watch her TikTok do not aspire to be strippers, but instead are simply women inspired by her charisma and poise.

Black female stripping

Another popular StripTok user is Sky Hopscotch, 27, as she is known on social media, who on a chilly night in her home in Des Moines not long ago, flippantly tossed supplies onto a black shimmering bag and read a checklist: lingerie, makeup, baby wipes, perfume and Tylenol. What you should bring on your first night as an exotic dancer. I figured, why not share my experience? In this enclave of the app, women congregate to document dispatches of their lives as strippers.

They show off bruises from twerking, recite locker-room melodramas, boast bill counting and lament sexual harassment. In many ways, StripTok has allowed strippers to reclaim agency in their work, partly because they give advice and encouragement to one another in an industry rife with disappointment. Many strippers on TikTok are using their platforms with the goal of helping younger dancers avoid troubling experiences.

They hope that their advice will be one step in strip clubs becoming safer and more amicable workplaces for women. Under the constraint of catering to male fantasy and competitiveness, strip clubs often become an oppressive environment to strippers. The toll on mental health can be considerable. If the strip club is dominated by the male gaze, then StripTok offers viewers something else: a place where strippers are free to present as themselves.

Many videos on StripTok feature strippers in states of casualness — without makeup, stretching in locker rooms, idle at home in sweatpants. Others are in oversize T-shirts counseling strippers on how to write off hair extensions as a tax deduction. Katt, 24, a stripper living in Los Angeles, who asked to be identified only by her first name, found refuge in StripTok after feeling disillusioned by her job.

When she became active in the StripTok community, she began playfully experimenting with her own gender representation.

Black female stripping

Different looks of makeup. Katt is Asian American and said she is overly familiar with objectification, both on and off the clock. Through her online platform, she recounts her experience of being bisexual and Asian in the stripping community, often spurring hundreds of positive comments and a network of support for other strippers from diverse backgrounds.

Black female stripping

Katt, who sometimes raps along to music in her TikToks, hopes that by showing the quotidian lives of strippers, she will help humanize the profession. The interest with the interior lives of strippers on TikTok is not without precedent. InMs. King posted a long thread — tweets — about a debauched weekend she spent stripping. Her posts were filled with enthralling details of betrayal, attempted murder, sex trafficking and friendship lost.

King said. Despite being a reprieve from strip club bureaucracy, TikTok, like other social media sites, often censors strippers and sex workers.

Black female stripping

DuBenion had her banned entirely and recently created a second. StripTok posts often disappear, s are shadow banned, and content is removed without explanations. Sky Hopscotch said her is frequently deleted after educational posts about supporting sex workers. During this time, her secondary income plummets.

Many sex workers feel marginalized by the bills. Through advocacy, StripTok hopes to gain momentum in raising awareness about the harmfulness of anti-sex-work legislation. This censorship has spawned a mutated, hidden language on TikTok to discuss sex work. There are things you have to finagle to make it work. Despite the late nights and confining heels, she still loves being a stripper. She is saving the money she earns from stripping to fund a group home for people with Down syndrome, which her sister has.

I would never have thought that stripping, two and a half years ago, would have such a positive impact on my life and the lives around me.

Black female stripping

She hopes that this experience will encourage other strippers to tell their stories: express their own vulnerabilities and discontents. Give this article.

Black female stripping Black female stripping

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