20 year old dating 35

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It would raise some flags, but not be an automatic WTF. People can connect in all sorts of ways. My mother was 12 years younger than my father, so not that different really. I'd have to see how it goes. She'll eventually grow up, he might not.

He looks for partners who are naive because they're easier to control. His attraction to someone that much younger comes from a place of insecurity, where he feels better about himself because he can "get" a younger woman. And so on. But yeah, it could be totally normal. If I learned that a similar-age acquaintance of mine was dating someone in their early 20s, I'd want to see how they interact and reserve judgement. But then, if I already know the older person, I am probably in a good position to know whether it's creepy.

Honestly, I'm only 31 but if any of my guy friends were dating someone that young, I'd judge him hard. Had the same situation, same age difference, same ages 22 and 37 only she was the 37 year old.

20 year old dating 35

You've entered the age where it's not that creepy anymore, in my oppinion. Though be aware that you're still young and lots of things might change about yourself. I expected us to grow closer the older I got. But the opposite was true as I developed during my 20's and we eventually broke things off after 8 years. Of course this is very personal, but just to point out that being 22 will still mean that you're probably going to change a lot.

My perception would be that he only likes young women, and once you get older he will trade you out for a younger model. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with an age difference in a relationship. The largest age gap for me was a boyfriend who was 13 years older, when I was in my early twenties, and last year I was seeing a guy who was 7 years younger than me.

A female friend of mine was in a long term relationship with a guy who was about 15 years younger than her. Each relationship needs to be judged on its merits. Some men that only date younger women might be creeps, but that doesn't mean they all are. I'm not friends with guys who are creeps, so if a male friend was seeing a much younger woman I wouldn't judge them or their relationship just on that, unless there was something specific about their relationship and the age gap that was a cause for concern. But on the whole I think people should stop judging other peoples relationships and concentrate on their own lives.

What's most important is whether you have a connection, enjoy each others company, and make each other happy. If other people don't like the age gap that's their problem, they're not in the relationship so its none of their business. I wouldn't say he's a "bad person. But that would be a fleeting thought and I honestly wouldn't think too much about it after that. I've always dated older men, and based solely on my experience, the further away they were in age, the more likely they were trying to "stay young.

At 22 you will still be maturing.

20 year old dating 35

Whether or not they want to mature with you is the question. I would wonder what the people would have in common and how they're going to negotiate age typical events, e. But I'm not going to judge someone who dates out of their age range. Got better things to do with my time :. Not specifically. In that respect, it would be odd. No it doesn't. Each situation is unique--my friend's parents are still mad about each other thirty years later, and they are fifteen years apart.

Go for it, but keep your wits about you, as you would with any relationship. You'll know if it starts to feel wrong. Listen to your gut.

20 year old dating 35

We started dating when I was He was very immature for his age. Now, me, imagining myself dating an early 20 something - just no. Full stop. Well I'm 45 and my bf is 35 so I couldn't judge anyone for having a big age difference, everyone is individual. If it works, it works :. Im I just married my 26 year old girlfriend. We've been dating since she was We have tons in common. Ive never loved anyone so much in all my life. Im not saying this is the norm. But in my situation it was fine.

It's certainly unusual, but if the couple works well together and there's no apparent huge power differential, I don't judge. I think it's a possible bad if a man that much older than you is at a similar maturity level to yours. You're going to continue to grow and mature while he's probably pretty set in his ways by now.

20 year old dating 35

It's unlikely that you have the maturity of someone who is almost in their forties, so it's more likely that he's got the maturity level of someone in their twenties. There's nothing wrong with feeling it out and seeing how it goes, but you're still in a state of intense change, so you may find that you grow apart from him while he remains stagnant in the long run.

Someone your own age might be more likely to change and grow with you but that's not guaranteed either. Is this just for fun or are you thinking of the long term? You ought to be considering different factors depending on which is the case. He is not necessarily a bad person, but I would be wary that when you get too "old" he'll try to find someone younger. The biggest changes in a person's life generally are fromthat's when I see most people actually start to learn who they are and become adults. Personally, I would want date someone who had had more time to figure out who they are.

Dating someone under 25 when I'm 30 seems like you either want something fun, short-term, or don't mind being in charge. I don't know your situation, but someone who is 37 has lived a lot of life, they either have some sort of problem that prevents them from dating women with equal life experiences, or are looking to rejuvenate themselves, or are some well-adjusted old man who respects and wants to date someone that was considered only 4 years ago? The last option seems super rare, I'd be careful.

20 year old dating 35

Found the internet! Do you think a 37 year old man dating a 22 year old woman is necessarily a bad person? Sort by: best. Reply Share. That doesn't seem very fair. Continue this thread. Of course this is very personal, but just to point out that being 22 will still mean that you're probably going to change a lot Also sorry I am a man, I lurk here to learn things :. Different strokes for different folks.

20 year old dating 35

Otherwise, go for it, brother thirties guy! It's up to you. We welcome the Reddit community to elicit opinions on a variety of matters from our community of women ages 30 and up. Discussions must remain civil at all times, and women must be allowed to dominate the discussion.

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20 year old dating 35

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