11 in for taken woman

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Originally published on Medium. InCOVID touched our lives in nearly every way, everywhere, as countries went into lockdown and restricted movement to contain the spread of the virus. As doors closed and isolation began, reports of all forms of violence against women and girls, particularly domestic violence, began to rise. The pandemic of violence against women is not new.

Even before COVID hit us, globally, million women and girls were abused by their intimate partners in the past year. The COVID pandemic intensified the violence, even as support services faltered and accessing help became harder. As we mark the annual 16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence campaign 25 November — 10 DecemberUN Women is ing hands with survivors, activists, decision-makers, the UN system, and people from every walk of life, to shine a light on the need for funding, essential services, prevention and data that shapes better-informed responses.

When a woman shares her story of violence, she takes the first step to breaking the cycle of abuse. The perpetrator is the sole reason for assault and must bear the responsibility alone. Survivors of violence are speaking out more than ever before, and everyone has a role to play to ensure they can have justice.

11 in for taken woman

The examples we set for the younger generation shape the way they think about gender, respect and human rights. Start conversations about gender roles early on, and challenge the traditional features and characteristics ased to men and women. Encourage a culture of acceptance. Talk about consent, bodily autonomy and ability to boys and girls, and also listen to what they have to say about their experience of the world. This means that shelters, hotlines, counseling and all support for survivors of gender-based violence need to be available for those in need, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Every year, the 16 Days of Activism campaign calls for united, global action to end all forms of violence against women and girls. us in calling on governments to bridge funding gaps to address violence against women and girls, ensure essential services for survivors of violence are maintained during this crisis, implement prevention measures, and invest in collecting the data necessary to adapt and improve life-saving services for women and girls. Adopt enthusiastic consent in your life and talk about it.

While those that use these lines may have fuzzy understandings of consent, the definition is crystal clear. When it comes to consent, there are no blurred lines. There are many forms of abuse and all of them can have serious physical and emotional effects. If you think someone is abusing you, help is available. You are not alone. Use orangetheworld, 16Days and GenerationEquality to start your own conversation about gender-based violence, or share some of the content from our social media package. Rape culture is the social environment that allows sexual violence to be normalized and justified, fueled by the persistent gender inequalities and attitudes about gender and sexuality.

Naming it is the first step to dismantling rape culture. Every day we have the opportunity to examine our behaviours and beliefs for biases that permit rape culture to continue. Think about how you define masculinity and femininity, and how your own biases and stereotypes influence you.

11 in for taken woman

From the attitudes we have about gender identities to the policies we support in our communities, we can all take action to stand against rape culture. Donate to local organizations that empower women, amplify their voices, support survivors, and promote acceptance of all gender identities and sexualities.

11 in for taken woman

Take a stand by calling it out when you see it: catcalling, inappropriate sexual comments and sexist jokes are never okay. Relevant data collection is key to implementing successful prevention measures and providing survivors with the right support.

As gender-based violence has spiked during COVID, the gaps in gender sensitive data collection have become more glaring than ever. Call on your government to invest in the collection of data on gender-based violence. Open Menu. Home News and events. Sixteen Days of Activism against Gender Violence Take action: 10 ways you can help end violence against women, even during a pandemic.

11 in for taken woman

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